Tutorials for Beginners

You will need Bryce 5 for these tutorials.

I suggest that you have nothing on your Task Bar except Bryce and this browser - you can then use Alt+Tab to quickly move between the tutorial and Bryce.

Please understand that I am not a Bryce expert - not even a good artist - I'm simply someone who really appreciates "beginners tutorials" on the web - this is my attempt to follow in that tradition.

Peter Hewitt May 2009

Mulawa Dreaming

Tutorial 1: Getting Started

Tutorial 2: Take a Different View

Tutorial 3: All At Sea

Tutorial 4: Let's Make a Movie

Tutorial 5: Some Nitty Gritty

Tutorial 6: The Golden Shell

Tutorial 7: Cut It Out!

Tutorial 8: I Prefer White!

Tutorial 9: Abstract Art

Tutorial 10: Bryce on the Rocks

Tutorial 11: Islands & Trees

Tutorial 12: Stairway to Nowhere

Tutorial 13: Setting Sail

Tutorial 14: The Kaleidoscope

Tutorial 15: Moving Right Along

Still with me eh?  Well done!  I hope that you've enjoyed the journey.

What's that?

You still want more?  Fortunately I can point you at a set of tutorials that are far superior to mine:

Robin Wood Bryce Tutorials

and here's the tutorial that I most enjoyed doing - it's by Carl Schou:

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Enjoy the Masters