It's tempting to follow the usual path and present you with a lot of hype both in pictures and text to persuade you to play Magnetic Revisited.

But maybe you're like me and have been taken down that path too often in recent times and now have a stack of barely started disappointing games on your shelves.

So here's the plan:

I'm just going to give you the demo links so you can decide for yourself whether the "Game of Games" is for you or not. (No! "Game of Games" is not hype - Magnetic Revisited includes 16 separate games in its structure.)

Magnetic Revisited Demo - Mac version Magnetic Revisited Demo - Windows version

On the other hand, Shona pointed out that some of you may not wish to dilute the experience by playing the demo first. If that's the case ... go ahead and purchase the immediate download now and I'll back your great choice with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee!

Don't hesitate to e-mail me if you have any questions - my e-mail address is on My Home Page.

Peter Hewitt March 2010
Mulawa Dreaming